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Caroℓine Castℓe. aka cary. c.c 33. femaℓe. irish. native american. gemini. resides in Buffaℓo NY. I'm beautifuℓ. sexy. caring. and taℓkative. I ℓove city ℓights at night and ℓife in generaℓ.

I beℓieve that cℓose reℓationships with friends and famiℓy are the most important aspectes in ℓife. I ℓove getting to know peopℓe and make friends very easiℓy.

This Momment.

august 27, 2010
at home
raining - 65
Angel "tv show"
loving the cool air and temps
my babys "Poppie & Petunia
my moms powerchair got sold :(

From the Heart.

ღ "If you don't choose to take my hand and walk these wars with me, then you weren’t worth it in the first place.

If you can't love me at my worst then you don't deserve me at my best"ღ

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Semi - Friends Only *Comment to be added* [Friday
[ mood | mellow ]

This journal is set at semi - friends only :

* Privite Entrys - Personal posts will be set to be viewable by anyone unless I feel the need to set the post to friends only so please understand if you would like to read all my personal bloggings you may have to friend me.

* Hot Topic Entrys - I will be posting different Topics from time to time that I hope will make you think, after I make the post I will ask you to read the Topic and give me your honest oppinion by placing a comment on the Topic. This I hope my readers will enjoy.

* Graphic Entrys - My Graphics will be viewable to everyone, you don't have to friend me "unless you want to" to view my graphics.

All Graphics are hosted at my pro flickr account.

So these basic rules apply here for using my graphics:

- Comment when you take
- Credit when you use
- Don't modify anything
- Never EVER hotlink anything or I will hunt you down
- And most of all, enjoy it all !

Still want to friend me? :
If you still want to friend me: Clickhere

You can Comment if you wanna be added and tell me something about yourself. If I already know you from somewhere else, say BFA, and I will add you anyway. Otherwise, if we have enough in common, I will add you back! :D

Also don't forget to fill out the TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF post Here

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graphics:wallpapers & header, photos:magazine scans "taylor lautner" [Friday
[ mood | melancholy ]

I made #3 more wallies and #1 header, #1 wallie is of Jacob & Bella from Twilight Saga's "Eclipse" and the other #2 are of Actor Taylor Lautner, the header is of Jacob & Bella from Twilight Saga's "Eclipse".

I also had time to scan some pictures of Actor Taylor Lautner from Life Story and GQ Magazine, there are #25 scans in all, all scans are HQ and tag free. Anyone can use them just give me credit when you do :)

[001-002] Wallie Teaser: Jacob & Bella "Eclipse" Actor "Taylor Lautner"

#1 #2

[001] Header Teaser: Jacob & Bella "Eclipse"


[001-003] Taylor Lautner Magazine Scan Teaser:

#1 #2 #3

Rest Under Cut.

You would do anything for her, be anything for her.Collapse )

[x] Comments are appreciated.
[x] No hotlinking.
[x] Credit.

Be sure to friend me if you like my
stuff. =)

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graphics:wallpapers "jacob & bella" (eclipse) [Wednesday
[ mood | bouncy ]

I found some wonderful HD screencaps of Eclipse over at ladymanson.com and made #3 Jacob & Bella "Eclipse" wallies from them, enjoy.

[001] Wallie Teaser: Jacob & Bella "Eclipse"


Rest behind the cut.

I see my whole world, I see only you.Collapse )

[x] Comments are appreciated.
[x] No hotlinking.
[x] Credit.

Be sure to friend me if you like my
stuff. =)

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mod:mod post, mod:personal graphics: header "bad luck & a peeping tom" [Tuesday
[ mood | anxious ]

Hey guys *waves* I'm here.  At first I thought I wouldn't have very much to blog about but It looks like I was way wrong, I had such a bad week and the bad luck just kept coming.  First I wake up this moring to feed the cats, then I go on to my next task "turning on my lizards (Constantine's) basking light" only the light doesn't go on and as you can Imagine I was freaking out.

At first I thought it was the bulb itself but I didn't even buy it two months ago, so I tried to see if it was the lamp the bulb was in that was broken and sure enough it was. I knew I had a spare lamp with another basking light in it the only problem is I couldn't find it anywhere.  By this time I thought my head was gonna pop because I was so pissed and I was screaming really loud but I had a thought if I can find another lamp I could just use that till I find the spare.

Anyway, I fixed that problem. I found something else to use "the bace of my ceramic christmas tree" has a bulb in it to were when you turn it on the tree would light up. So I took the weak bulb out and put the basking bulb in it and Wala!!! It worked. I tell ya, I looked for that spare basking lamp everywhere and found it about 8hours later, But that was only after I ran-sacked the house looking for it.

Ok, what else has been going on  Oh!!! I have been dealing with this guy "a peeping tom" for the past two weeks. Every night between around 12am & 2am this man would come around and peep in my bedroom windows. Come to find out, the fuckin jackass lives here in the same apts I do  I was really getting freaked out one night about it because he was around for about 15mins so I finally called the police.

4 police cars came strolling by and of course the guy had to high tail his ass in the house before they could get to him

But they said they did see him and if I was to have anymore problems to call them again, which I haven't but here's the reason why.

I called the landlord's office and left a message to let them know what was going on. And the landlord's assistant  got back to me. She told me that she had a talk with the man in question and he said the reason why he was outside at that time of night was because he was catching frogs  "that it was raining that night and that's when they come out"

Ok, first of all.

#1. It started to rain only after he went inside his home.

#2. I don't think putting your hand down your pants and feeling yourself up is a way of catching frogs "unless I've been catching frogs the wrong way"

I can't believe how dumb some men can be.
Anyway, now that I'm done ranting I have #1 graphics update, just #1 header of Jacob & Bella "kiss scene (eclipse)" I hope ya like it.

[001] Header Teaser: Jacob & Bella "Kiss Scene" (Eclipse)


[x] Comments are appreciated.
[x] No hotlinking.
[x] Credit.

Be sure to friend me if you like my
stuff. =)

Well, I will be chatting with you all later.

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